Hey Everybody!

Looks like it’s week 2 of our totally rad dev-blog posts! In this one we wanted to show off another complex mechanic that is sure to pretzel your brain! So here we present you with another fascinating design document titled “Mines are Bad”. With Pro-tips like these you’ll be sure to guide your turtle to victory and impress all your friends!


Here is the second page of our art documentation. In this page we played around with the different types of races our players could conquer. We wanted to be able to have access to the neat weapons as you took over (destroyed) all their defences. We also wanted to have status effects for different ammo which is explained in the documents below. Fooling around with different creatures is great for brainstorming new ideas and this page helped us pick our favourites and even come up with totally new ones. Another great thing about doing documentation in this way is that everyone that sees it gets into it and starts making suggestions, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Another super pile of news is that Industry Veteran,  Shane Neville of Ninja Robot Dinosaur has climbed atop of the turreted turtle with us to help!

This project is really shaping up,  so stay tuned for more info and neat stuff on our blog and keep an eye out for more interesting developments! Till next time, keep those turtle-cannons blazing!


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Nature of the Beast Dev-blog post 01


Hold onto your howitzers! It’s …

Splash screen!

Hey everyone!

 Jesse here with our first image packed Dev-Blog Post of the project! Here we will be updating weekly with some neat drawings, screenshots, and notes regarding our nifty game idea as it gets made! The working title, as you can see from our splash screen above is “Nature of the Beast” and the player controls a mighty turtle with customizable cannons all over its back. If that explanation wasn’t exciting enough for you,  just try and wrap your head around this insanely detailed and complex design document!

High Quality design document

    *Phew* So there you have it! You get to outfit your very own turtle with terrific turrets and terrorize your enemies! We are looking to get this bad boy out on I-Phone and I-Pad currently and are looking at a very lean schedule to keep us working hard.


    We’ve decided to keep all our documentation in the form of I-Pad resolution images because they are a lot more fun to look at then pages of words, It’s also faster and easier to show to people and get a discussion going. The Idea of doing documentation like this is a little experimental. Basically, everything visual can change drastically down the line and we’ll end up having some out of date images floating around, but turns out I’m pretty quick at scribbling so it wont be a problem! So to keep everyone interested, we’d like to share all of our “Documentation” on this here Dev-blog! Hooray!

    So Here’s the first page of our art documentation. Here we are basically getting the elements we’ll be working on roughed in as well as some basic colouring style down just to start keeping things consistent. Initially we thought that having a choice between cannon type and crew type would be important so the player could equip a slow and powerful cannon with a quick and rapid fire crew if they so desired. Aside from a few quick sketches this is pretty much how the turtle ended up looking. We knew that he’d be changed later on but doing constant revisions is just no fun for anyone so we drew him here and just went with that for now. 

     So thanks for dropping by! Hopefully we’ll be bringing you guys some live videos of me trying to draw and interviews with Nick in the near future, but until then, be sure to have a good one and remember to keep those turtle-cannons blazing!


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All things change at Slick


Hi everybody,

About time for another blog update! A lot of things have changed at Slick since the last post. The most notable one is that Kees has decided to move on. He has done great work at Slick over the last 5 years, so it’s sad to see him leave. He needed a change of scenery, so I wish him all the best in his new endeavours!

Since I am a mere programmer and my drawing skills are horrendous, I needed to find a new artist to help me out. Luckily I have been going to the Full Indie meetups in Vancouver (http://www.fullindie.com/), where I have met Jesse Turner, or ‘Jouste‘ as he is mostly known in the online art community. He was eager to join up, so we’ve been cranking on a new game idea. He is also eager to do this blog thing, so you’ll likely see a lot more posts from this point on!

More information on the game we’re working on will follow soon!

– Nick

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January 20 2017

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