Into the double digits of Dev-Blogging!

Week ten is here with some new news for all those devout followers! This week we’ll be taking team Shellrazer to the Full Indie Meetup and showing off that shelled-stomper to some folks! It should be an excellent evening for all involved as we get some great feedback on our game and catch up with a ton of great people! Full Indie Started about 2 years ago and is where smaller devs get together and show off their wares as well as drown a few sorrows! Hopefully this design illustration will remind us the order to do things this coming Thursday! So if you’re a local Vancouverite sign up for the Meetup and We’ll see you there!

Since we are looking to feel victorious this Thursday, we decided to show our Victory screen! You’ll need to use your brain-meats to imagine scores and numbers flying across the screen but hopefully this gets the point across. Here we can see our heroic beast  charging through a canyon surrounded with glorious booty. Don’t you want to get in on that action? Then prep those IOS platforms for some Shellrazer soon!


So there’s another week gone by! This week we will be starting to polish a lot of the elements in the game like the explosions and other effects. We are also getting ready to launch some more fun stuff in the coming weeks that’ll be sure to excite and amaze our devoted Shellrazer pals! Thanks a million for stopping by and checking out our progress every week. Until then, followers of the fearsome, keep those turtle-cannons blazing!



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Shellrazer Dev-Blog Post 09


Week 9 and feeling fine! Welcome back followers of the fearsome for another installment of Shellrazer’s Dev-Blog!

As you may or may not have noticed, we got a beefy change to our home page!  Now the whole internets will see our shelled stomper! Taking a quick look at the splash page we can see that there are some pretty mean looking armaments on the turtle, including some machine guns! The fortified goblins are having one hell of a time defending themselves against this onslaught, the Beast is making it look like a snap! But fear not players, many challenges will await you when you arm your own beast and set out to crush your own foes!  

Now let’s take a gander at our title screen below! There’s our grumpy hero looking all tough atop our moniker! For now this is the screen that greets players at the beginning of our game. We initially just had his shell on there but look at that face! How could you ignore such a heroic expression? The turtle has gone through a few different transformations over the course of development but we believe we’ve found the right direction with these latest iterations.


So that wraps up another week! Coming up will be a lot more stuff that’s directly from the game! We are wrapping up a lot of the functionality and almost have every weapon tuned to perfection. A massive amount of work has come from the store and equip screen, showing you guys those shots would be super boring so we opted for more of an arty post this time! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our stuff! Until next time, keep those turtle cannons blazing!





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Shellrazer Dev-Blog Post 08


Oh boy it’s week eight and super great! 

      Welcome back followers of the fearsome! This week we get a preview of another super nifty weapon platform, the War Horn! When you want to increase the effectiveness of your current load out try picking up the wailing War Horn to boost those damage dealers! Be sure to save him for those trickier times because he comes with one heck of a cool down after blowing that monstrous horn!



      Page eight of our art document has one of my favourite things ever, Boss ideas! We had to think about some ways that our constantly scrolling turtle could encounter some neat stuff. So here’s a neat-o war wagon idea! Heavily inspired by those great mobile boss levels in the classic Mario 3, these juggernauts would need to be taken down in sections over the course of the level until you freed the beast of burden at the end! Zeppelins are also beefy targets that can enter our player’s space in new and interesting ways and unload a huge serving of fire power! Time is always a factor and even if these guys don’t make it into the final game they’ve inspired us to tackle new experiences in the world of Shellrazer!


      Another consistent week has trotted by everyone! a big thanks to everyone dropping by and checking out our progress and good times! Be sure to check in next week as well for some screenshots (fingers crossed) and other in game goodness! We are clamping down on getting as much as we physically get into Shellrazer and have also been amassing a huge amount of tools for us to tackle other game ideas in the future. All in all it’s a super great time and it’s even better that we get to share it all with you guys!

      Till next time followers of the fearsome! keep those turtle cannons blazing!


-Jesse The Drawbarian 

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Shellrazer Dev-Blog Post 07


Week seven is here followers of the fearsome!

This week we’ll be covering a neat enemy design, it’s the super buff Grappler! These guys will rush your terrific turtle and leap onto it’s weapons! Once atop your terrapin, the Grappler will pummel and disrupt your tools until you flick those jerks off your platform. These little brats are tenacious and will land on their feet and keep assailing your beast until you fill them with explosions, best of luck everyone!


Page seven of our documentation was another super fun time involving specialized enemies. This page got us thinking about bigger enemies that would be more challenging to deal with. We wanted something that was impervious to machine gun fire but could be knocked around with concussive weapons so you could send him into a pit or something like that.

This was also where war-wagons were first introduced to the team, something that would keep pace with your turtle while it kept firing at you and causing problems. It became a little too busy when we started thinking about dealing with things environmentally because the most fun way of dealing with our enemies is by lighting them up with cool guns. But either way this page was a fun exercise that got everyone thinking and that’s the main thing!

So that wraps up week seven folks! A big thanks to everyone who follows our journey. Working on this title has been a ton of fun and we’d like to share that with everybody, hopefully you can get a sense of that right here from these posts. So until next time, keep those turtle-cannons blazing and get those grapplers off of there!


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