Welcome followers of the fearsome! It’s week 15 of out development!

    We are getting to the end of our development cycle! Soon our triumphant turtle will be hitting release and we are getting super excited!

    This week we’ll be showing off some of the characters that you’ll be controlling in our exciting excursion. Initially all the weapons were going to be available for purchase at the beginningof the game and you would slowly unlock them as you got enough money from the levels of the game. That became super overwhelming and we changed it to a more classic approach with new weapons being unlocked in cages along the world map.

    Here we can see our little insert where the turtle is unlocking a new location to conquer! Players can revisit any level they like if they want to snag some extra gold with their newly equipped turtle, or they can try a different load out and practice with a new combination of platforms.

    Once we decided to go in this direction we found that we needed some punchy images to go along with the weapons. Below you can see a preview of the “Comic Book” system we have going on now. When the player first gets to a cage, they see the shackled character strapped to a mine. When they beat the stage they get a cool splash screen of that platform’s character raring to go! There’s our favourite huntsman Shotgun Eddy, He’s kind of surly so you probably won’t get the cheeriest responses out of the guy but we’re sure that he’s happy you saved him!


    So stomps another week! 

    We only have a few more loose ends to tie up in our home stretch. These smaller fixes are quickly getting remedied as we begin wrapping up production! Hopefully next week we’ll grab a guest speaker for our devblog *gasp* who will it be!? Till next time, thanks everybody for dropping by and remember to keep those turtle cannons blazing!


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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 14: Powerful Playstyles!


The 14th instalment of the Shellrazer Blog is here!

    Welcome back followers of the fearsome! This week we show off some more screens and playstyles from our trampling turtle game! One of the initial things we wanted to get across in Shellrazer is that you can play it however you want. We found a lot of our players really had a set load out of their favourite weapons that they liked to play with and that these set ups were quite different from everyone else’s.

    We’ve incorporated a few platforms that are “Buff” platforms, these platforms augment other platforms with either more damage, some healing or quicker reload times. These platforms are for players that really like only a few weapons and have some spare room to make them even more powerful!

In this diagram we can see that our player has outfitted his turtle with only one weapon, the Heavy machine gun at the top there. This heavy weapon is powerful in it’s own right but becomes even stronger with the bonus of the ammo crate below it and can heal quickly if it needs to with the repair bay on the very bottom. It’s a lot of fun to mix up the combinations of all our weapons, see what you end up liking, then compare them with your cool friends!

    Below is our combination going to town in one of our mountain levels. You can see that this is a little bit later in our game because there are some tougher enemies like the ptero-bomber and some structures that shrug off  bullet damage. The Chest behind the tower can be blown up for some extra gold but you have to be careful because they are super tough to break, and focussing too much fire on them can take your attention away from your enemies and you’ll be toast before you know it!


    Another week tramples by!

This week we are focusing on the turtle chow, and hopefully we’ll have well over 15 new things for our turtle to be munching on in game. Since so much work has been implemented already, this process is going by very quickly. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our game’s progress! So until next time, keep those turtle-cannons blazing!




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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 13: Explosive Enemies!


It’s the 13th Dev Blog of Shellrazer!

     Hey there followers of the fearsome! Another week has trampled by here with Team Shellrazer! This week we’ll show a few of the more recently added enemy types that really mix up our game.  What was interesting about these enemies is that they have the most basic behaviour and have been added pretty late in the development. Most of our ground forces are pretty crafty and run away from your turtle before they get crushed but these guys just barrel into your beast with blades and bombs.

    We decided to use Bombed-up Buzzards for the aerial assaults and Wheelbarrow Warriors for the ground, designing the look of these guys was a lot of fun as usual. Initially the larger vulture had a giant bomb but we wanted him to visually show more of an up close and personal look so he got 2 cool swords instead. It’s going to take some tuning but these guys will be another healthy addition to our gameplay cake!

    Wow is that a shot of Nick’s editor? How cool is that! Next up is another quick shot of some of those baddies in action! Look at that super smart wizard blasting away at the ground! Better fix your aiming or else your beast will be eating those bombs for breakfast!

    The middle platform there is our Mortar Bank that launches three super strong shells in an arc depending on how long you hold it down. From the look of those health bars our turtle has already taken some damage, next time we should definitely bring a repair bay or slot in some healing items!


    Also lets give a shout out to those super talented and hard working folks down at Blizzard for the launch of Diablo 3! Way to go! We debated even posting up a Dev-Blog today because everyone would be too busy playing that game to even see it. So if you can stop killing your mouse buttons for one second, here’s an authentic Shellrazer bro-pound from us to you!

    So another week stomps by here at Slick, we are nearing the end of our development and are getting super excited to be wrapping up Shellrazer! Thanks a million for stopping by and checking out our Dev-Blog, we love hearing from you and we’ll see you next week! Until then, keep those turtle-cannons blazing!




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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 12


It’s Our 12th Dev-Blog post followers of the fearsome!

     This week we are bringing some stupendous screenshots to your eyeballs! Raw and unedited, these screens come fresh off the presses of our latest build! So how about you keep an open mind as we show these badboys off as we are still hard at work making the game look and feel better everyday!

     Our first screen is a quick trip to the beach! Here  we can see our war-turtle armed with three exciting platforms! At the bottom of our scaffolding is Gunnar Gunnerson the super reliable light machine gun, here he is lighting up some enemy mines. In the middle is our hard working blacksmith “Clang” hammering out some health for our Orcish Cannon on top! The enemies shown here are the swarms of ballooners that are armed with unreliable cannons and mines which they drop from the skies if you don’t blast them fast enough. You can also see our handy progress bar at the top to let you know just how close you are to that finish line!


    Our Second screenshot is all about our world map. This will be going through some more refinement but as it stands now it’s a massive map with over 40 levels and 5 different locations. You get the full effect when you see the parallax of the upright elements when your little turtle avatar is moving. The cages with the little guys in them represent levels where you can unlock new weapon platforms, how exciting! The world map was one of the earliest bits of implementation we built on Shellrazer and it’s gone through a few changes to get to this point and will probably be going through a few more as we refine the game. Initially we locked the camera onto the avatar but everyone really wanted to explore the map as a whole so Nick made it so you have a lot more freedom when panning around the map.



    So that wraps up week 12 of our journey! 

    We’ll be returning next week with some more news and screens so be sure to drop us a line! we always love hearing from you guys. So until next time, keep those turtle cannons blazing!








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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 11


          Week 11 followers of the fearsome! Welcome back to that trampling terrapin post!

          This week we’ll be giving all you great folks a preview of our art tumblr! Remember when game manuals had all those neat pictures of the enemies in the game? Well we’re bringing it back with some Tumblr technology in something we’re calling “Shellrazer Scoundrels”. We’ll be releasing an enemy a week drawn up in a fun Polaroid style for you guys to check out and prepare yourself when they come up to your turtle. We have a bunch of baddies implemented in the game and we had so much fun blowing them up we wanted to give them the representation they deserve! So without any further ado here’s our goblin peasant archer, not to great of a shot and of an even weaker constitution, these will be the first few foes you’ll fire upon.


          Last week we hit up those super people at Full Indie and showed off our stuff to a capacity crowd. It was super great getting people to play the game right in front of us and see their reactions to the mechanics and fire the guns at those gobbos. Shellrazer was also shown around at the local Art show Anomally: 2012 last Saturday to a bunch of the art crowd and close friends! It looks like our triumphant turtle is trickling out too the masses, but we must stay humble. So to remind us just how tricky some things are here’s our defeat screen! The player will be greeted by this tragic turn of events if that horde gets through and beats up your beast! Hopefully you guys won’t be seeing this screen too often, but don’t worry if you do because you’ll still get some scratch to support your war efforts.


          So another week has trampled by and we are getting closer and closer to our goal of launching this beast! We are getting some video’s up really soon and sound is coming into our game. Crafted by industry veteran Jenn Lewis, these awesome audio bites will be sure to bolster our battles and leave everyone’s ears salivating!

Thanks again for stopping by our blog and a HUGE thanks for everyone out there that checked out our game! So until next time, keep those turtle cannons blazing!






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