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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 23: Available Now!



Welcome followers of the fearsome!

Today is a great day because Shellrazer is out and avaiblable for everyone around the world! We’re even having a temporary launch sale, so now you can get it for almost nothing! What a deal!


It’s been a super great time making the game and it’s all paid off in a project everyone is super proud of. To celebrate the release here is some awesome Shellrazer fan art!


Bam! It’s Jeff Agala from Klei Entertainment! Look at this thing! I’ve personally been a fan of Jeff Agala’s stuff for like ever so it’s super cool to see action like this. Thanks a million Klei!


Here’s Shu Chai’s fabulous stomper! Shu is truly a master and one of the friendliest and skilled guys in the business. It’s an honour getting some Shellrazer stuff from you Shu thanks a million!



Our next amazing art bomb is from none other than the award winning  Steve Rolston! I had the pleasure of meeting Steve at a Fullindie meet up and he’s an awesome comic artist to boot! Thanks a ton Steve!



Team Shellrazer wants to thank everyone who helped us out in the making of the game. It has been an awesome journey and we love you all!



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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 22: Release Date and Teaser!


Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

    Today we are shelling out an early dev-blog with some super news! Shellrazer has been approved by those great folks over at Apple and we have a release date! It’ll be July the 26th and we are super excited!


    We’ve also got a super fun teaser to show you guys with some goblin exploding and a pile of other good stuff so be sure to check it out!


    So a big thank you to everyone that followed us so diligently through this awesome development process. Be sure to tune in next week and remember to keep those turtle cannons blazing!



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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 21: Storylines and Super Fans!


    It’s Week 21 followers of the fearsome!

This week we’ll be showing off some super fan art of Shellrazer as well as our intro comic! So load up your eyeball cannons with some observation rounds and strap in!

Shellrazer’s story has always been a little nebulous through it’s development cycle. We felt that we really didn’t need an excuse to have a  narrative getting in the way of a turtle covered with guns. Eventually we decided on the great migration, where giant turtles would cross the continent to get busy on the other side with their mates. These turtles are pretty unstoppable, so the more craftier warriors would hitch a ride atop these beasts and annihilate their enemies and free their friends!

So with that in mind, here’s our intro comic that most people click through anyways!


    over at the fan-razer tumblr we’ve had a few really super artists take a bash at our shellrazer world. And they are so amazing we wanted to give them another shot out here on the dev-blog!

     First off is Stephen Oakley, currently a concept artist at Turtle Rock Studios. This image brings a totally super style to our typical toony turtle! Check out his grisly stuff hereThanks a ton Oaks! KA-BOOM!



    Our Next Fan-Razer is Tyler Bradley, a super skilled artist currently designing in the entertainment industry. This insane piece has our turtle depicted as one bad-ass war beast! Holy cow! Be sure to check out Tyler’s other stuff right here. Thanks a ton Tyler!


    Our final Fan-Razer this week is by Van Ripper, of daily diablo fame! This awesome piece has our fashionable turtle showing off his selection of hats! A lot of these are from the game but a lot are also straight up cool new ideas! Thanks so much Van! To experience the whole piece go here and be sure to check out his other fun stuff right here.


    Well that’s it for this week! A huge thanks to our friends and family that’s made this development cycle super fun. We’ll see you all again next week, and remember to keep those turtle cannons blazing!


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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 20: Storm of Screenshots and Pax-Dev!


Welcome to week 20 followers of the fearsome!

    Phew! Frantically finishing all the things! This week we’ll show a few of the screenshots that we’re planning on showing in the App Store for Shellrazer!

    It’s been a great run and we feel super proud of our game. So while we wrap it up here’s a shot of our favourite war-turtle stomping through a pile of those nasty goblins! In this image the player has chowed down on some electrolytes and unleashed a lightning storm to shock those flyers! 

    In our second shot we can see the super exciting equip screen! The player is graced with this bad boy whenever they start a level. What was really neat is that everyone that got a chance to play the game extensively had totally different weapon and item combinations.  If a level demolishes you don’t fret! You still get rewarded some coins, tasty chow, and can try again with a different load out!


    Another very awesome occurrence is that Team Shellrazer will be doing a session at Pax Dev 2012! Hooray! We’ll be doing a chat about the visual design process that we used to create Shellrazer and it’s going to be super great! It’s around 50 days away so we’ll be sure to keep all you guys updated as it nears!


    So that’s another week! We are so close now that we can hardly contain our excitement. Thanks a million for dropping by everyone, and remember to keep those turtle-cannons blazing!


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