Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

Its been another great week here in the halls of Slick! We’d like to show you some more super cool stuff we are getting together for our Icebreaker expansion!  So strap into your snow-mobile as we take you towards our fun update art and enemy preview!

How spooky! It’s our Necro-bomb-icon weapon platform idea! With this new concept we wanted something that would create a pillar of damage that would hit air units from underneath with a slow enough arc and detonation that you could combo it with other weapons. We also wanted some cool necromancer character because those guys are really cool. We are sure that these exact specs and ideas may not be in the final product but it’s a lot of fun to flesh these concepts out a little so we can talk about them with each other.


We’ve mentioned the Carrot Mage before but here he is in game with hims cool secondary form! So these crafty yetis cast their magic and transform into a massive snow golem! Once these beefy brutes hit the screen they start gathering hefty snow-bombs and launching them at your turtle! They basically act as a dynamic turret that moves around before taking root. If you are fast enough on the draw you can stuff these guys when they are in wimpy mage form.


So another week tramples by! Thanks a ton for checking out our new stuff and we’ll be right back here next week! So be sure to keep those turtle-cannons blazing!



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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 31: Howlin’ Yetis!


Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

It’s been a super fun week here at Slick with a pile of update work, new weapons and enemy behavior, and new levels. Here’s some ideas we have for those new tough enemies: the powerful Yeti! We wanted to make the Yeti’s a lot tougher and more crafty than the average goblin so we equipped them with a lot more tools and classes. The Yeti Parachute allows some descending enemy fire while the carrot mage transforms into a powerful snow-golem if they aren’t dealt with fast enough.

We also wanted to have some other elements in the mix like the snow bank, These hide various Yetis and are invulnerable to any fire until they erupt and open fire on your turtle. Ninja Yetis toss out a fan of ice-darts while the Marines will barrage you with snowballs while diving for cover. These different enemy abilities will be layered over our goblin horde recipe to give awesome players like you a super fun challenge.


Also we just had a *cough* “Meeting” day yesterday where we were sure to get through as much Borderlands 2 as possible. Suffice to say it was a successful, and highly productive ride. We’d like to congratulate Gearbox on their awesome release of Borderlands 2! So a big Shellrazer hooray to all those hardworking folks down in Texas. Your game is great and you should feel great! Now here’s a Psycho riding a turtle just for you!


So another week tramples by here at Slick, thanks to everyone who’s been checking out our progress and remember to keep those turtle cannons blazing!


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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 30: The Art of the Build Out!


Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we have our very own designer extraordinaire Shane Neville from Ninja Robot Dinosuar! He’s here to talk about builds in Shellrazer and why they are so neat. Thanks for stopping by Shane! Take it away!



      One of my favorite things to do since Shellrazer launched is to lurk on the forums and read about how different people play the game. I’m always surprised to see the different build outs that people have. What characters they choose to take into battle.

      For every question of “I can’t finish level [X]”, players weigh in with their own build outs and suggestions for how to play the game. Some players will swear by how they outfit their turtle, saying it’s the best possible build. These builds run the full gambit of options.

      With 13 different weapons, there are literally dozens of viable ways to prepare your War Turtle for battle.

      One of the early breakthroughs in the design of Shellrazer was to think about the different weapons as characters in an RPG. This helped with design and tuning. At a very fundamental level, Shellrazer is about choosing your RPG party and then managing that party in battle.

      The Shellrazer characters have easy to draw analogies from traditional RPG’s. Hammond the Heavy Gunner is a knight, Klang the Blacksmith is a cleric, Oscar the War Piper is a bard and Curtis the War Mage is, well, a wizard.

      In the same way you must build a balanced party to succeed at an RPG, you must choose your characters wisely in Shellrazer to complete the Great Migration.

      As developers, we all have our favorite build outs.

      Nick prefers to face the hordes with Erik the Skyslayer on top, Tim of the North in the middle and Blade the Shredder on the bottom. Nick makes great use of the multi-touch system, which isn’t a surprise, since he coded it.

      Jesse plays a similar build to Nick, but with Hammond the Heavy Gunner on top (with top level anti-air shells for buffs). Jesse also prefers to go into battle with healing and defensive turtle chow.

      I play a variety of builds, but my two favorites are Oscar the War Piper based. The first build has Erik the Skyslayer on top, Oscar tooting his horn in the middle and Hammond the Heavy Gunner on the bottom. With Oscar playing the pipes, the buffs on the other guns let them cut through anything. On levels with lots of towers and mines, I go for a more artillery based approach. Jesse the Orcish Canoneer and Captain Hulgar the Balloonist soften things up and Shotgun Eddy cleans up with his spray of death.

      Playing the build is just as important as choosing what goes where. Play to the character’s strengths. Shotgun Eddy is best served clearing out infantry and the air, but you don’t want to be caught when he’s reloading. Curtis can deal a tremendous amount of damage, but he takes a great deal of micro to use effectively. Putting Curtis and Captain Hulgar on the same turtle is a recipe for a management headache. Maybe great for playing with friends, but when you only have two hands, that’s a lot for any turtle wrangler.

      When I watch other people play, they tend to overlook the buff characters: Klang the Blacksmith, Oscar the War Piper and Simon the Arms Dealer, but these are some of the most effective weapons in the game. Hook up Oscar to Gunnar Gunnarson or Hammond and they’ll deal a ton of damage. If you add Oscar to the mix and that one solitary gun can cut through just about anything.

      And we must not forget about the last piece of the puzzle – the swag and chow.

      Outfitting each character with the right equipment is just as important as choosing the right characters. Do you buff their natural strengths, make up for weaknesses or go with a defensive option of armor and bandages?

      The turtle chow is also key and the amazing power of the War Turtle’s food is the key between victory and defeat. I try to always have one healing chow and a couple of serious damage chows available.

      The most important thing about playing Shellrazer is experimenting with the build out. Finding the characters that are fun for you to play and figure out how they combo with other characters is one of the best parts of playing Shellrazer and it’s why I still fire it up on occasion to see how I can face down those nasty last ten levels with a new combination.



Thanks a pile for stopping by Shane! We’re hard at work here bringing some super cool new ideas to Shellrazer so be sure to drop in every week here at ther de-blog and remember to keep those turtle cannons blazing!


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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 29: What we’re working on next!


Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

          After an awesome and tiring PAX weekend we’re finally back in the office, and we’re ready to rock! As you’ve probably noticed in update 1.01 for Shellrazer, we’ve added a universe map that displays an island you can’t get to yet. It has a little ‘work in progress’ icon on it to show that we’re working on it! We’re creating new enemies, new weapons and new levels for World 2, and they are going to be awesome. We want to make sure they are properly balanced before we send out the next update.

          Here’s a new enemy that will be harassing your trampling turtle, the Yeti Marine! Yetis are a lot tougher than those goblins you’ve been pounding. Yetis are quite resourceful and utilize the frozen wasteland to their advantage, wielding impressive weaponry and tactics. We’ll be sure to show you all our mechanics and new enemies as the update progresses so thanks for checking it all out!

Another addition we just put in is a gallery so you can re-view the awesome level completion art by Jesse the Drawbarian! How cool is that?

Alright, that’s it for this week, keep those turtle cannons blazing!
– Nick


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