Welcome back followers of the fearsome! This week we have some more space based ideas in the form of some nasty nebula  faring enemies! We’ve been split at work this week tackling the finishing touches on Shellrazer for Android and getting some more space-faring foes functioning in the world of Star-Razer! So without further ado let’s check out some ideas for these fiends!


    Here’s some ideas for the Hive-Heads! We’ve been playing around with some bug ideas for races but not any one in particular was really doing it for us. we decided to just get some ideas down for what you’d be interacting with during a mission. We definitely want big scary bosses this time so figured we could rock a big, mean, capital gun-worm that could erupt from the walls of the asteroid and freak you out like some r-type creature! Pretty typical buggy stuff but we really wanted a test bed of enemies just to get basic ship to ship conflict down.



    Here’s another shot at some more enemies. We pictured that the player would be “raiding” enemy asteroid bases so there would be a decent amount of stuff going on when you get there, stuff like laser mining and drilling to name a few. With that we figured we should have some kind of mole race that would turtle up and use defensive bunkers along with long range cannons to take you down. We also liked the idea of classic shooter type enemies being implemented  like the “Mine Trailer” (02) that would come at you like a snake then disperse it’s tail of mines after getting shot apart.



     So another week blasts by here at Slick! We hope you guys have liked the little glimpse at our progress and will be back again for some more space blasting goodness! Until next week, keep those cannons trained at the stars!




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Dev-Blog 46: More Ideas and the Waanderful Captain Creator!




Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

    This week it’s another barrage of rough ideas along with some nifty tech brought to you by our very own Nick Waanders! we’ve been grappling with gameplay and wrapping up Shellrazer for Android. We still want to let you guys into some of our future plans so here they are! 


    First off is some ideas for some basic screen flow. Your fleet would be constantly hurtling through space, ready to take on enemy asteroid bases for sweet space cash and loot! you’d select the mission and which ships would be embarking and go tackle the enemy head on. Here you can also see the line of sight being roughed in on the second screen, we really wanted to try space combat with a heavy line of site mechanic to make it more strategic. The final screen would show the spoils from the run, basic stuff like what laser beams you gained and how much damage you took over all. We want the vibe to be a rag-tag group of space pirates pillaging multiple different enemy bases and scoring big to upgrade their fleet.

    The race previewed here are the Refractors! These are another goofy race that is made out of pure light confined in various prisms. They actually fire themselves out of their laser cannons making “smart-beam” weapons that inflict major destruction. You can also see a speaker embedded in his neck-plate for basic communication and threatening. Again, all these race ideas are just ideas and we might not even be seeing them in the future, but man are they fun to make up! 




    And now onto a cool tool for the creation of Star-Razer! We want to have captains and pilots that you could assign to each ship. These upgrades would have special feats or passive abilities that would allow you to really mix up the way you play. We also wanted these pilots to be created randomly from a big library of races and parts, and so the Waanderful Captain Creator was born! Here you can see that the tool generates a captain with the mere click of a button. Currently it’s pulling from a bit of placeholder art, but you can see from the few quick images at the bottom that you can get quite the variety from a small library, eventually we’ll have a massive one where the amount of captains will be endless!




    So another week lasers by! Hope all is well on your side of the galaxy, until next week followers, be sure to keep those cannons trained on the stars!




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Dev-Blog 45: Module Points and other Rough Ideas!



Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

    This week we got some more rough ideas in our classic doodle format! When we initially started tossing around ideas for Star-Razer we wanted to have a variety of ship sizes and customization. We thought about larger capital ships having many heavy emplacements while the smaller ships would have less and be lightly armed. As we played around with some scale things we found that a more unified ship size would help us out in the long run with level design and the like. If the environment was going to play a big part in our space game we’d have to keep our players fleet reigned in to more specific sizes.

    We also thought about having research being a big part of our game with trees and finding artifacts and the like. This gave us the idea for “The Jar” as a race of jarred brains that are great thinkers but lousy fighters. What was fun with that race is that it gave us the idea for spaceship smoke bombs called “Anomaly Bombs” that could create screens of nebula and static that you could hide ships in and create ambush opportunities. We also wanted to play around with classic alien tropes like the brains in jars and other sci-fi silliness because that kind of thing always resonates with people.


    Other gameplay ideas involved offsite power nodes, large beastly problems that couldn’t be tackled until far away nodes were taken care of. There would be a visual lifeline that the player could follow to destroy the problems power source and weaken them dramatically. Of course the player could also try taking down the monster before weakening him if they wanted the challenge. Again all these rough ideas are just to get us thinking about different ways for our game to be interacting with players. It’s mostly just fluff but every now and then one of the ideas we come up with really sticks and becomes something very cool, the most fun of course is sharing that with everybody!




    So another week warps by here at Slick. Nick’s been hard at work wrapping up our Android Shellrazer and building tools for our space-game project, I’ve been drawing up a bunch of stuff while Shane’s been working with the Waanderful Engine to create some scenarios and find the fun! Until next week, keep those laser banks trained on your enemies and may you collect a ton of spacegold!


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Dev-Blog 44: Back in Action!



    Aaaand we’re back! We hope you had a great Christmas and a good New Years. We took a few weeks off to recharge, as you’ve probably seen by the lack of Dev Blog updates. This week we’re back and we’ve got some cool info about the Android version of Shellrazer and of course the next big thing we’re working on!

    The Android version of Shellrazer is shaping up really well, I’ve got it running well on all the devices I’ve been able to test it on. We’re still on the fence on whether to release it as a paid app, or as a free app with in-app-purchases to open up levels. We’re leaning towards the latter, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments! So still a few things to work on before we will release it, but it will be soon!

    The next big thing we’re working on is of course Starrazer (working title), and Jesse has some more info on that one. Take it away Jesse!

– Nick



    Welcome back followers of the fearsome! 

    Jesse here with a few more ideas for our space-tastic game! Now what’s a space combat game without some firepower? Here we played around with some different ideas on weapon types and abilities. We really want to go for a physical feeling combat with hard hits and heavy effects. We’ll have standard beam weapons for sure, but we are more interested in missiles, tractor-beams and ramming speed.  

    At the bottom you can see another alien race idea. Donkonians are another race that I came up with a while ago with a character I created called “Jack Asstronaut” he was a weapons smuggler who could never catch a break. Most likely we wont be using every race we’ve previewed here, but it does give us a lot of ideas to work around with. 



    We’ve also started doodling up some simple gameplay interactions to get some internal discussion going. Again, just cause it was drawn up doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. We are going with the same kind of approach as we had for Shellrazer; draw tons, and use only the best ideas.

    Here’s an idea where you could attach your ship to objects and slide them into place to block a beam. This sketch also started us thinking about remote power sources for enemies and elements in the game. 



    So it’s super great to be back! We hope everyone had some great holidays and we can’t wait to get to work on our new projects! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our stuff and we’ll be back next week with some more space action.


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