Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we will check out some art we’ve done for the newest Shellrazer expansion! first up is the first pass at how our lander friend ended up stranded on the Buglian island. Here we can see that all your constant shredder bullets have caused some cosmic collisions and took out this space-faring delivery boy! Feeling super responsible for this guy’s predicament, you’ll need to raise some shell to save him from those mean captors! Also if you don’t keep those tech-ed up Bugs in check they’ll surely get out of control and start taking out more friendlier continents!




Since we did up a poster for the Icebreaker so we decided to get another one going for Bugzkrieg! These bigger drawings are pretty helpful when coming up with the theme of the new expansion. Bugzkrieg is set up to be a much more challenging set of levels for Shellrazer so we tried to get that across in the image. Also we kept the singularity cannon ‘s effect abstracted in this image because we still weren’t too sure what the weapons effect would be.

After a meeting with Shane yesterday we had a much better idea on what it should be and also what changes we will have to do for the upcoming expansion. It’s coming along pretty well though so we are super excited!




Indie Developer shout out!: Alec Holowka and Scott Benson kick-start Night in the Woods!



We’d also like to give a shout out to Alec on his birthday as well as let all of you know about his super cool project being worked on! It’s called “Night in the Woods” and it is getting a HUGE amount of traction. The theme really hit a nerve and is getting some well deserved attention over on Kickstarter. So if you love helping out passionate people that are also our pals then drop by their Kickstarter and check out their amazing trailer! Way to go you two!


So another week blazes by here at Slick! We hope that you liked our art dump and continue checking out our weekly updates! Until next time, keep out of the woods!


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Dev-Blog 85: Some plot thickens!



Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we are visiting some of the story line in the newest Shellrazer expansion “Bugzkrieg”! Getting the turtle to go right on the screen has never really been too much of a problem, luckily our players are happy with the game’s super simple plots and story lines. We had him looking for love and saving a family member, both of these things are super easy to get into.

For Bugzkrieg we eventually wanted to add one more platform for the turtle’s arsenal and decided to go all the way with some sci-fi goodness! This got us thinking about the character you save being a cute little alien so we started throwing some ideas around. We liked the idea of a courier from space that classically crash landed onto the bug-continent. Here’s a few rough sketches of the guy and his goods!


Another thing that happened was that the Buglian warriors were looking more and more advanced with every iteration so we decided that we could use that as a plot element as well!

Here’s a quick sketch that got us thinking that the Bugs captured the crash-lander and started using the delivery to advance their war effort! Those jerks! In the back of my head I’m thinking that the delivery wasn’t really weapons per say but super adaptive technology that would augment the user’s needs accordingly.


So after those loose drawings we wanted to get an idea of what the weapon platform would look like. I kind of wanted an improvised look because after rescuing the lander you couldn’t really expect him to have the time to whip up something super awesome. So with that I decided to make him use his ship’s singularity drive-engine to dole out death to your enemies!


So that’s it for another week here at Slick! We hope you’ve liked this little look into the expansion and remember to keep those turtle-cannons blazing!


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Dev-Blog 84: Cyborg-Grasshoppers and More!



Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we will look at a few more of the units at the Buglian’s disposal! We’ve been using the existing behavior as a blueprint for all these new enemy types and are going to be tuning and tweaking them to be much more difficult and challenging for seasoned Shellrazers!

This post will be a fun look at some of the ideas we’ve come across when developing the new expansion, and I have to say that bugs are a really great topic to be drawing inspiration from. A HUGE help has been the astounding Macro-Photographer Melvyn Yeo who gets such amazing photos of the little guys that you’d think he’s super small himself!



Here’s the first shot at the basic back-bone of any Buglian army. Light infantry are strong enough to wield 2 stinger pistols, a repeater, or a sting-zooka along with a shield! Having 4 arms sure comes in handy when targeting trampling turtles so be sure to keep these little guys in check when you are tackling the first few levels in the new expansion!



In the Buglian hives, many different warriors can be hatched depending on a precise temperatures and deep-egg massage. These two shock troopers are a staple in any assault. Dung-Brawlers are feisty beetles that roll explosive hives into enemies with their powerful back legs! The Skyblast-Beetles are an aerial enemy that hauls a swarm-grenade launcher through the air, they are much smarter than the goblin’s ptero-bombers so they can operate their own weaponry.



Here are the Buglian equivalent of everyone’s favorite enemy, the grapplers! These grasphoppers are heavily augmented buglians that can leap great heights and tangle with your turtle’s platforms! Creating these guys was a fun exercise and they quickly became some of my favorite creatures to draw. Keep a look out for these armored enemies in the future!




Yikes! This is what happens when designing robotic grasshoppers gets way out of hand! Here we can see that when you add too much cool armor to a grasshopper it totally loses it’s cool cyborg-factor. All the Grasp-hoppers designed after these guys have more bug parts and look a lot more even. There is something to be said with taking a quick sketch super far, it’s easier to dial it back into something more reasonable and readable.


So another week flies by here at Slick! Thanks again for stopping by and checking out our new stuff! We’ll return with more next week so until then, keep those turtle cannons blazing!



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Dev-Blog 83: Heavy Hornets and a fellow Indie Shoutout!




Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we’ll be taking a look at the aerial units of the buglians! In Shellrazer the best thing to do when creating enemy waves is getting a good mix of high and low so it’s really a no-brainer to add more of those craftier air-borne foes!


In these rough sketches we came up with the idea of giant ticked off bumble bees that haul these high-tech termites into battle. We also started playing around with the idea of cyber-tech styled faceplates to differentiate the buglians drastically from the yetis and goblins. By making them a little more tech-savvy and advanced we can play around with more challenging types of weaponry and justify their toughness.

We were talking about the expansion and basically want to make it super challenging. Hopefully these armored ants can be tough enough for our pro-shellrazers!


Here we can see the 3 tiers of  Bumbles. With Goblins we tried to color-code the enemies to show their toughness but with Bugzkrieg we are going for a different style by adding more and more techy looking armor to the enemies. When designing these guys we ran into a cool way of adding more “lift” to the bugs by adding little wing engines at the back so they can wear heavier stuff! Be prepared for one kick ass Buglian Zeppelin in this expansion!


Some of the most interesting enemies in Shellrazer were the simplest and latest to add. They were the wheel-barrow goons and suicidal buzzards that would just run into your turtle and explode. Well a Bug variation is here! We thought that the regular Buglians were far too clever to suicide bomb so they breed crazy little swarmer bugs that they strap with their explosives!



Here we can see these little dudes as they will appear in game, scrambling towards your turtle and packed with explosives! We have a lot of control over the tuning and behavior so we’ll be sure to make interacting with them enjoyable and challenging. We will be beefing them up and increasing damage as well as varying the speeds at which they charge you. We are also playing around with the idea of some “wave” type mechanics where the swarmers can roll over each other and create a super scary tidal wave of destruction! You better hope your gear is upgraded enough if you want to make a dent in these bad-boys!


Indie-Developer Shout out! -Red Hook Studios announces Darkest Dungeon! So Spooky!


Aside from all that fun enemy stuff we’d like to mention that a super team of Indie-Devs here in Vancouver have announced their super cool game Darkest Dungeon! It’s a Lovecraftian Dungeon-Crawler with tactical camping, perma-death, insanity and tons of terror and dread! If any of those things gets your motor running be sure to follow them on their site and keep updated on their development blog as they bring this grim gaming experience to you!  We wish them the best of luck in their awesome project and hope you guys check them out! For a much better look into the game, check out Tyler Sigman’s  super awesome article on the Penny Arcade Report that talks about how the game came to be! Hooray!


So another week buzzes by here at Slick! It’s been a lot of fun getting back into silly enemy creation in Shellrazer and we’ll keep you guys posted on what we’ve been creating! So until next time, keep those turtle cannons trained on those Buglian bullies!



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Dev-Blog 82: Buglian Artillery!



Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we’ll get a few more brainstorms down for that nifty race the Buglians! Getting enemy behaviors into Shellrazer was a ton of work but luckily we have such a variety we think that these Buglian warriors can be augmented from original enemies and be super fun to fight!



Here we can see that we’ve made a tiny version of the Buglians to keep that perfect “goblin-scale” going. Initially I was using boring slabs of grey metal to armor up these guys but then we started experimenting with bright orange shell-type armor like on this grappler’s shoulder-pads here.



We started calling it “hive-plate” and strapping it all over our Buglian foes. It starts to look a little sci-fi-ish but that’ll be a nice change from the classic Shellrazer look. Here we were also playing with the idea of the Drubbers being able to house smaller bees that could be shot out at our turtle.



Here’s a more classic look to the Buglian infantry. Some owuld even carry in mini-hives on their back for some extra firepower and explosiveness! These medium Buglians are somewhere in the middle between the light guys and the beefy Drubbers.



Here’s an idea of how they would motorize their war-machine. Basically a base on treads, these swarm-tanks would house tons of Sky-Biters and other troops!


Here’s another vehicle type idea as well as some fortifications. Bomber towers would launch highly explosive hive-bombs that have been crafted in the deep sugar mines. Infester-tanks are tough vehicles that act like armored personnel carriers and get right into battle before unloading their dangerous payload.


So another week buzzes by here at Slick! we’ve been hard at work getting the new expansion set up and look forward to executing it quickly and effectively. As always thanks a bunch for stopping by and seeing what we are up too. Until next time, keep those Buglian troops off your turtle!



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