Welcome back, followers of the fearsome!

Tomorrow we’re shipping the new update for Shellrazer called Bugzkrieg!


Tons of pesky bugs are taking control of an entire island, so it’s up to you so raze it and free the crashed alien Bloop. We made a cool little video, here it is:

Besides adding  a whole new island to play, we’ve also added localization for 9 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

The free update will come out tomorrow on Android and iOS. You can get this awesome new update to Shellrazer by clicking either button below:

Get it on Google Play

Please, tell your friends about our update, it’s a big help to us!  

Nick_avatar64 – Nick

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Dev-Blog 100: You’ve got the moves.



Welcome back followers of the fearsome! Check out our cool new banner we have when dealing with all things Viking Squad! We also got some Avatars done up for the team to keep it clear who will be the voice of that particular devblog. Here they are! A super three man team represented with the super cool Valknut! we got Nick first there, then Caley and then Jesse!

Nick_avatar128 Caley_avatar128 Jesse_avatar128


Today is our 100th dev blog! A mere 99 dev blogs ago we were getting 738 visits per month. As of this writing that number is up to 65,000!

Thank you fearless readers, this is for you!



Sit back and crack a cold one as we share more info on Viking Squad.

Today we show the actions a viking can make in combat. We want to keep the controls simple and get gameplay-depth out of the equipment and enemies.


So your average viking can attack enemies and use their equipment along with any items they may come across. Equipment use examples are blocking with a shield, shooting with a bow, leaping across the screen with an axe or smashing the ground with a hammer. An item might be a spear to throw, a potion to drink or anything our brains can come up with!

This is all based on what feels good so far. So actions and equipment may change as development continues.

Until next time.

Caley_avatar64– Caley

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Dev-Blog 99: Its official! Viking Squad!


Hello followers of the fearsome! Hope your BC family day went off without a hitch.

It’s Caley here. Today we want to share the project we started last month. We’re pretty excited about it and hope you will be too!

Hold on to your halberds, it’s…


I came to work at Slick after a few nudges and winks from both Nick and Jesse. We would meet at Full Indie to share a beer and catch up on current events. At the time they were playing around with a few ideas while working on a Shellrazer expansion. One of the ideas at the time was a strategy game (programmers love strategy games) a genre we are all big fans of. We began to talk about what drew us to strategy games. Was it precision and tactics that people craved, or long term meaningful decisions? Maybe it was just a life long love of grids. Anyway, this got us thinking about how the appeal of a strategy game could be adopted to another genre. Racing, platformer, fighter, brawler. We stopped on that final one and debated for quite a while. What did we find most frustrating about brawlers? We narrowed the list down to a few culprits. The imprecise depth sorting of characters on the screen, button mashing combo’s, cheap shots. Each of these being solved by strategy games.

Jesse has been kind enough to keep up with his visual documents. We have broken free of the i-pad resolution.


That is Viking Squad in a nut shell. Choose your weapon, choose your friends and set off on a brawl filled voyage…then do it again!


We like to call the game a Lane Based Brawler. Each weapon defines how players interact in the lanes. The bow attacks from range, striking multiple enemies with a charged shot. The shield offers protection and lane control, blocking off enemies. The axes make you a bursty maneuverable fighter.

Until next time!

– Caley

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Dev-Blog 98: Bestiary, oh so scary!




Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

Another week is here and this time we’ll be hitting you guys with some more Necrodancing goodness! Next week we will be sure to have some new project stuff ready to show you guys, but until then here’s some beasties that you’ll have to dance apart in Necrodancer!


There’s so many cool monsters and bosses and stuff in Crypt of the Necrodancer that it would be a shame if they weren’t always there for you to peek at! With that in mind we decided to do a bestiary for the game complete with cool “Bigger” versions of all of Ted’s awesome pixel art!

As I’ve mentioned before, I really do love pixel stuff. My favorite part of pixel art is the room it gives the imagination room to fill in the abstraction. In that tiny 24×24 square you are imagining a gruesome beast or even a tempting ruby! I’ve always loved doing my favorite pixel art in my own style, and now I’m super lucky because I get to do it a whole bunch. So without further ado here’s a few examples of what we have so far with some brief descriptions. Ted’s stuff is on the left and I’m on the right! Hope you like it!



Here’s the Dirt Golem! These guys are super intimidating in game because they are so massive.  I thought I would lighten them up a bit with some flower appreciation. I’m super lucky to be working with an artist like Ted who really has no problem with me taking artistic license and putting my own spin on his creations.


Here’s the Hellhound! I again tried to get something silly going on here so I gave this terrible beast a goofy tongue hanging out of his jaw. The exposed muscles in the pixel art reminded me of veins of magma so I took some liberties there on my own version. Super fun stuff!


Spooky Ghost! The Ghost of Necrodancer will always be very close to me because it was the first thing I drew for those guys at Brace Yourself games! I really like the twisted up look of the ghost and tried to push the character a whole bunch to let the crew know what kind of art they’ll be getting from me. Lucky for me Ryan and Ted are both awesome so it worked out!


So another week spooks by here at Slick! Nick will be back super soon and we can’t wait to show you guys what we are working on! Hope you enjoyed this brief look at some of the cool stuff in Necrodancer and until next time, keep those crypts clear of creeps!




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