Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we’ll be taking a quick look at some of the cool mini-boss stuff we’ve done over the last few streams! Caley has been adding some really cool and aggressive mini-boss behaviors that are sure to keep our players on their toes. Typically these guys come in groups of 2, this means that it’s super handy if we can make them a little visually varied so that players can focus their attacks on specific enemies and not get too confused.

The Lungers that we talked about a couple weeks ago now have a very cool swat attack, a hop back and a quicker lane wide lunge! These changes make for some really fun interactions. Hopefully you guys will think so too!


Above is a couple of our upgraded lobber enemies! These guys deal a bunch of damage and are already super crafty. They lob explosive Draugr heads and try and stay out of your Vikings range as they hop around the level and bombard you. In the bottom left you can see one of our rough sketches we did on stream with everyone. We ended up liking the heavier armor but wanted to keep the yellow wraps and the multiple heads at this scale just ended up looking a little confusing. The back basket worked out great and really beefed up these guys so that our players will know that these bros mean business!


It’s also a lot of fun to design different weapons that are the same type. Above you can see a couple variations for our heavier Draugr warrior. There’s the classic spiked mace we’re all familiar with and the Draugr head one that is a pretty classic move by those self-harming zombies. It’s been a lot of fun designing armor plating and weapon types on stream with everyone. People seem to really like how fast we can make their ideas drop right into the game and we look forward to interacting with our growing community every week!


Speaking of streaming, we’ll be doing it again today at 4pm PST! So grab your hams and helmets and come hang out with the super cool crew here at Slick Entertainment!



So that’s it for this week! Thanks a bunch for dropping in and checking up on us while we work hard to finish up Viking Squad! Hope your week is great so far and until next time, keep those mini-bosses challenging!


Twitter: Nick: @nickwaanders Jesse: @jouste Caley: @caleycharchuk SlickEntertainment: @SlickEntInc





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Dev Blog 200 (!): Playstation Experience 2015



Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

Today is a very special day, as this is dev-blog number 200, which means almost 4 years of weekly dev-blogs! I am quite proud that we’ve kept up a weekly dev-blog for this long, and rest assured we’re planning to keep it up for a long time to come.


Last weekend we were showing our game at the incredible Playstation Experience show in San Francisco. We arrived on Thursday afternoon, and met up with a lot of indies that very night. My favourite part of game-cons is meeting up with all the cool indie developers, and sharing stories and experiences. Our hotel room somehow turned into one of the meeting places for indies. Just look at the amount of awesome in this picture:


From left to right: Julie Miller, Adam Saltsman , Nicholas McDonnell, Mike Ducarme, Chris Lavina, Nels Anderson, Gordon McGladdery, Ryan Clark, Dan Nichols, Andy Moore

The next day we went to the show and collected our exhibitor badges, and set up our booth. Normally at these kind of shows you arrive at 10am, and then you end up waiting around until 6pm or later for the TV’s to arrive, but this show was very well organized by Sony and Anna Marie Rembold, and we had two TV’s and two PS4’s waiting for us at our booth space, ready to be set up! We unrolled our banners, and put up our horizontal banner, installed the builds on the PS4’s and we were done! We helped a few of our neighbours with their horizontal banners, and we were all ready to rock.


The organizers put a lot of the Canadian indie developers together, so we quickly nicknamed our area. At first we named it the Vancouver Corner, but after finding out that the guys from Life Goes On are from Edmonton, and the developer from Celsius was from Newfoundland, we renamed it the Canada Corner, or the Canadalley. I prefer the last one. This was one kick-ass corner to be in!

IMG_2507 Resized

Here’s a list of games on display from left to right:

Darkest Dungeon – Red Hook Games

Skytorn – Skytorn Team

Drifter – Celsius Game Studios


Life Goes On – Infinite Monkeys Entertainment

Shakedown Hawaii – VBlank Entertainment

Viking Squad – Slick Entertainment

Crypt of the Necrodancer – Brace Yourself Games

Quite a few of these games have audio by Power Up Audio, and they were there helping us all out with showing the game.

The first day of the show was a very long one, the floor opened at 11:30, and closed at 10pm (!). It was very tiring, but very satisfying to see to many people come by our booth and playing our game. The next day was thankfully a bit shorter, from 10am to 6pm. After a somewhat slower start it picked up and became a steady stream of people coming through our booth. Unfortunately I only have a blurry iPhone photo of people playing at our booth.


Sony installed scanning stations where people could scan their badge to collect cool prizes. Because of the carpets and the big metal pole they were mounted it, the phones got confused a lot with all the static electricity going around, and they would stop scanning badges. After a few hours we figured out how to get them working again, so we kept an eye on them to make sure people could scan their badges. I think this system actually brought a lot of people by our booth, and we showed a bunch of them our game. In total 2240 people scanned their pass at our booth. That’s a pretty good number, I think!


We were instructed to close down the booth and cut the power at 6pm sharp. We rolled up our banners, removed the builds from the PS4’s, and collected some crash data from the PS4’s. The game crashed a few times during the show, all at the same spot in the game, so with the crash-logs we should be able to find and fix the issue. Free playtesting! :)

When it was all done, we took a quick group picture of the Canadian devs at PSX:


After the show was all done, it was time to hang out one last time with all the cool indies. After a great recommendation by Anna Rembold, we went to the House of Shields, where bartender Keith took care of our sizable group of indies all by himself. Great times were had, and all I have to show for it is this super blurry group selfie:


From left to right: Me, Jesse, Julie, and Kevin from the amazing Power Up Audio

The next day we all flew back to Vancouver, and here we are! Re-energized to get the game DONE!


Until next week, and don’t forget the art stream later today!




Twitter: Nick: @nickwaanders Jesse: @jouste Caley: @caleycharchuk SlickEntertainment: @SlickEntInc



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Dev Blog 199: Playstation Experience and the Van-Corner!



Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week we’ve been tightening up our build for the very cool Playstation Experience that will be happening this weekend in San Fransisco!

The game is really shaping up and we’ve been playing through the build a whole bunch. Enemy behavior is tighter, super moves are in place, and the treasure progression is polished for the show! It’ll be the second year in a row that we’ve shown Viking Squad during the Playstation Experience and we are really excited to get the new build in people’s hands.

Another super cool thing that will be there is the very awesome VAN-CORNER! A whole corner of the Indie Area that has developers based out of Vancouver! We’ve got Ryan Clark with Crypt of the Necrodancer, Brian Provinciano of V-Blank Entertainment, Noel Berry with Skytorn, Tyler Sigman with Darkest Dungeon and us with Viking Squad! How cool is all that!? We’ll be easy to spot on the floor with all these awesome titles beside each other!


Next week we’ll hopefully have a bunch of news and pics from our show so stay tuned! And if you can’t make it out to San Francisco, Sony will be Live-Streaming the event right here!


Also the very awesome studio Klei Entertainment just launched their very cool Don’t Starve expansion “Shipwrecked” it’s going to be a very awesome time so be sure to check it out! It’s a single player experience that they’ve created with the help of another very cool Canadian Developer Capy!



And as always we’ll be Dev-Streaming today at 4pm PST! Come drop by and check out some super fun game dev live with the whole team! OARBOYS!



And that’s it for this week! We hope you enjoyed a quick look at what we are up to and are looking forward to next time! Until then, keep those Playstation Experiences memorable!


Twitter: Nick: @nickwaanders Jesse: @jouste Caley: @caleycharchuk SlickEntertainment: @SlickEntInc



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