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Slick Entertainment Inc is a small, independent game studio that focuses on fun and unique Arcade-style Game experiences.

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About the Developers

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Nick Waanders (@nickwaanders)

Nick grew up in the Netherlands where he started programming demos and small games at the age of 12 on the Commodore 64. He started a professional career in games in 1998 at a company called Digital Infinity. This company soon merged with two other companies to form a company called Lost Boys Games (which has since been renamed to Guerrilla Games). After about four years he moved to Relic Entertainment in Vancouver, Canada. His credits include Knights (PS2, unreleased, Lead Programmer), Homeworld 2(PC, Programmer), Dawn of War (PC, Programmer), The Outfit (360, Senior Programmer), Dawn of War - Dark Crusade (PC, Lead Programmer), N+ (XBLA, Programmer), Scrap Metal (XBLA & iOS, Programmer).

Jesse's Avatar

Jesse 'The Drawbarian' Turner (@jouste)

Constantly creating monstrous minions, Jesse started working in games in 2006 at Threewave Software as an artist. He briefly tackled the world of cartoons in 2010 at Nerdcorps and now wields his artistic axe under the banner of Slick Entertainment.

Caley's Avatar

Caley Charchuk (@caleycharchuk)

Caley grew up in Vancouver, where he has worked for the past 7 years in the industry. In 2007 he started at Threewave software working on various titles for EA (Army of Two) and Disney (Turok). From there he has gone on to work for companies including Ubisoft (Driver SF), Slant Six (RE Raccoon City, Strata), Capcom and Microsoft.

Homeworld, Dawn of War and The Outfit are trademarks of Relic Entertainment.
N and N+ are Copyright 2009 Metanet Software.
Scrap Metal is a trademark of Slick Entertainment Inc.

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Dev Blog

April 27 2016

Welcome back followers of the fearsome! We hope your week has been awesome as you check out what’s been happening on this side of the Squad! Today we’ll be checking out some of the visual updates we’ve been giving to our beginning area. I’ve always had a problem when creating spaces that I focus too […]