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Dev Blog 127: Seattle Indie Expo and PAX shout outs!



Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

This week is a quick one because we are hard at work getting our demo ready for the Seattle Indie Expo! It’s a free, one day event on Sept. 1st at  Melrose Market Studios. It’s just a few blocks from PAX (directions HERE), so if you are in the neighborhood be sure to drop by and check us and a ton of other great games out! Our pal Auston Montville of TOO DX  is bringing his super fun and frantic Sportsball game to the event as well! Hope to see you guys down there!



And If you guys are heading down to PAX this year be sure to hit up the very awesome Indie Mega Booth and get a chance to play Red Hook Studios‘ awesome game Darkest Dungeon! Those guys are some of the best in the business and have a very awesome game on their hands.

And if you are around the Mega Booth you’ll be sure to find those champs over at Power Up Audio who are working on a TON of great games (ours included).



So that’s it for this week! If you are down in Seattle on the Monday be sure to come check us out! We’d love to hear what you think about what we have so far! Until next time, everyone have an awesome time at PAX Prime!


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New Dev-blog video!


Hi all,

We’ve been scrambling for the past few days to get our third dev-blog video ready, as well as all our PAX preparations. This video one shows a bit more of the gameplay, as well as some multiplayer split screen goodness. We’re making an announcement in the video as well, but you’ll have to watch the video for that. :)

Also, come check us out at the Penny Arcade Expo! You can try out Scrap Metal, and we’ll have some cool swag to give away as well. Look for booth #3106 (directly across from the PAX10 stand)

– Nick

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PAX Shirts!


Hey all,

Just wanted to give you a quick peek at the awesome looking T-shirts we’re going to be giving away at PAX:

PAX shirt!

All we ask for is some feedback on the game, and the shirt is yours! (as long as supplies last of course)

– Nick

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N+ Pax Stand


We decided to design and create a custom stand to present N+.

Nick started by using ‘Google Sketchup’ to design the stand.


The local ‘do-it-yourself’ store cut our MDF into more manageable pieces.
Our calculations for the size of each piece were done for 1 inch MDF. But they only had 3/4 inch boards. So we had to recalculate some measurements. (more…)

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