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Platform: Xbox Live Arcade

N+ is an unique 2D puzzle / action platformer

Play as a ninja trapped in a world of well-meaning, inadvertantly homicidal robots. N+ includes tons of levels (500), organized neatly into 100 unlockable episodes, and features 50 levels made by fans of N! You can compete with N+ users worldwide in the online highscores. Nice!

N+ for Xbox Live Arcade also features several exciting (live) multiplayer modes, a level editor for creating user content and plenty of challenging achievements.

N+ is the fruit of an extraordinary collaboration between Metanet Software and SlickĀ  Entertainment, with additional development by Klei Entertainment. Miles apart (Toronto & Vancouver), but still in close cooperation, together we were able to create a top selling game on XBLA!

N+ is the port of the original Metanet Software game called 'N' (downloadable here)

For more info about N+, you should check out the N+ XBLA official webpage where you can find all kinds of fun stuff!

N and N+ are Copyright 2009 Metanet Software


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