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Dev-Blog 37: Happy Halloween!


Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

    It’s that super spooky time of the year, Halloween! And here at Slick we want you guys to know that your free update will be ready for download next week! That’s right, a bunch of new enemies and challenges await your trampling terrapin! The Shellrazer universe is a really fun one to work in and we’ve had a blast coming up with new levels, hopefully you guys like it!


    And just for being such cool people, we’d like to give you guys a super neat-o Shellrazer 8.5×11 poster that you can print out and hang up on your fridge! How cool is that! You’ll need to get it printed out first and probably get some magnets or something, but HERE’S A LINK to the high-res version! In this picture we can see our favorite war-turtle stomping through some glaciers with that grumpy dragon Chuckles on his back. So show your love for that rampaging reptile with your very own print!


So another week tramples by! We’d like to thank everyone as always for following our posts and keeping up with the happenings that go on here at Slick. Until next week, keep those turtle-cannons blazing!




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