Hey everyone! It’s time again for a weekly dev-blog post!

Looks like this time we’re looking at a mechanic that came along a little later in the development. The turtle charge! initially we found that with a skilled player you could clear a lot of the enemies pretty well and would have a window of downtime that a rampaging turtle could fill! If you feel brave you can hammer down on your turtle and blaze through those levels for big time bonuses!


The third page of out art documentation handles my favourite things in games ever, The enemies! Even though these guys are just rough ideas it really got us thinking about all the cool ways things can be interacting with our player. We got the ptero-bomber in there pretty quickly and soon realized those guys are MEAN! The Battle-Mammoth seemed to resonate with a lot of people visually but is one of the more complex enemies and it could end up being scrapped for simpler set of guys. These are just a sampler of the enemies we’d like to make but they are a ton of fun to draw and we got a lot of good ideas form this sheet.

Another week down! There’s been a lot of development and next week we’ll be showing off some screens of our very cool world map system as well as more zany artwork. Thanks a ton for dropping by everyone and keep those turtle-cannons blazing! (unless you are charging of course).


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