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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 29: What we’re working on next!


Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

          After an awesome and tiring PAX weekend we’re finally back in the office, and we’re ready to rock! As you’ve probably noticed in update 1.01 for Shellrazer, we’ve added a universe map that displays an island you can’t get to yet. It has a little ‘work in progress’ icon on it to show that we’re working on it! We’re creating new enemies, new weapons and new levels for World 2, and they are going to be awesome. We want to make sure they are properly balanced before we send out the next update.

          Here’s a new enemy that will be harassing your trampling turtle, the Yeti Marine! Yetis are a lot tougher than those goblins you’ve been pounding. Yetis are quite resourceful and utilize the frozen wasteland to their advantage, wielding impressive weaponry and tactics. We’ll be sure to show you all our mechanics and new enemies as the update progresses so thanks for checking it all out!

Another addition we just put in is a gallery so you can re-view the awesome level completion art by Jesse the Drawbarian! How cool is that?

Alright, that’s it for this week, keep those turtle cannons blazing!
– Nick


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Dev Blog

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