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Its been another great week here in the halls of Slick! We’d like to show you some more super cool stuff we are getting together for our Icebreaker expansion!  So strap into your snow-mobile as we take you towards our fun update art and enemy preview!

How spooky! It’s our Necro-bomb-icon weapon platform idea! With this new concept we wanted something that would create a pillar of damage that would hit air units from underneath with a slow enough arc and detonation that you could combo it with other weapons. We also wanted some cool necromancer character because those guys are really cool. We are sure that these exact specs and ideas may not be in the final product but it’s a lot of fun to flesh these concepts out a little so we can talk about them with each other.


We’ve mentioned the Carrot Mage before but here he is in game with hims cool secondary form! So these crafty yetis cast their magic and transform into a massive snow golem! Once these beefy brutes hit the screen they start gathering hefty snow-bombs and launching them at your turtle! They basically act as a dynamic turret that moves around before taking root. If you are fast enough on the draw you can stuff these guys when they are in wimpy mage form.


So another week tramples by! Thanks a ton for checking out our new stuff and we’ll be right back here next week! So be sure to keep those turtle-cannons blazing!



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