Welcome back followers of the fearsome!

    We have another great weapon concept and even more of those sneaky yetis! So bundle up and brace yourself for some more frosty fun in this weeks dev-blog update!

    Here’s Chuckles! He’s one mean dragon that can seriously roast up your foes. We did some experimentation with his projectile and ultimately decided on a different direction with more of a stream kind of behavior. We also wanted to give the player something that really damages the yetis and their frozen attacks and nothing really fits the bill like a fire-breathing dragon. Back in the first art documents there was a team of orange dragons that had the nose cross-hairs that were the original inspiration for Chuckles here.



        Here’s some more of those yetis! Yeti Owlers are masters of the skies and drop self-launching missiles at your turtle while hovering around like a harrier jet! We also needed to tier up the original yetis so we decided to wrap them in wicked armor and give them cool helmets! Another addition to separate the yeti-elite visually was their tusk standards, these add some fun secondary animation to these neat guys as well.


    There goes another week! We are wrapping up our Ice Breaker expansion and only have a few more things to get together before it’s ready to go! We are getting super excited for the future of Shellrazer and hope everyone is going to enjoy battling it out with some new levels and weapons! Until then, be sure to keep those turtle-cannons blazing!


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