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    This week we are hard at work, wrapping up the last touches on the Icebreaker expansion! It’s been a lot of fun coming up with new enemies and weapons and we are getting close to submitting the content. Soon you’ll be out on a new island with your terrific turtle tower, stomping out those new bad guys and rescuing your egg! This Dev-Blog will show you a few more badguys and a neat shot of the new island! Hope you all dig it!


    Yikes! Look at those crafty Yetis!

    We tried something a little different with the new Yeti enemies in Ice-Breaker. We wanted to keep all their base bodies the same and augment them with different armor and helmet styling to mix them up visually. The Snow-bowler Yetis, for example, wears antlered helmets and are masters of creating giant snowballs. Hopefully, if we’ve done our job correctly, the player will start associating antlered yetis and big snowball wielding yetis and beret wearing yetis as rapid fire enemies. We also needed more aerial units for Icebreaker so we beefed up the goblin balloons with fan driven mini-zeppelins that can lift our standard yetis into the sky!


    Here’s a shot of the new island!

    We wanted to mix up the arctic with some smatterings of volcanoes to make the palette less blue. You can see from this shot that Icebreaker is a little more bleak than World 1, lacking some of the more happier tones and colors. Designing the Yeti architecture was a lot of fun and it turned out being a lot of wonky igloos with bearskins thrown over them. We also wanted to bring in the goblins from world one to layer on top of our new Yetis, so that explains the goblin towers sneaking into the arctic map. Shellrazer has never really been one for story but it always seems to work out in some wacky way or another.


    So that’s this week’s dev-blog! between android, Ice-Breaker updates and sneaking in some new game prototyping we’ve been super busy. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our progress. Until next time, keep those turtle cannons blazing!



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