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Just last Friday we had a very cool announcement trailer over on the Playstation Blog! And this week we’d like to go over how the trailer was created! Just in case you haven’t seen it yet feast your eyes on it right below!

The trailer was built over the course of a couple weeks with hard work from the entire team. We got the insanely talented Marlon Wiebe to edit the trailer and animate all the cool stuff in there as well. The Power Up audio team worked along side us as well, adding a great soundscape and keeping the mix perfect. We also got our composer Gordon McGladdery to write a track specifically for this trailer, holy cow what a collaboration!



The first thing we did is crank out a bunch of rough storyboards. This was a lot of fun to do because it’s super fast and super loose and you can quickly get an idea on the timing and everything with the trailer. We drew even more boards than this but chopped them out to make the trailer more clear. Once we had the the pacing down Marlon did a rough cut of the trailer using these loose boards so we could start making the music and building the actual assets!



As the trailer was getting put together and music was being created, we started to make the final art that was going to be used. Marlon is also a great animator so we tried to make sure he had enough “parts” to work with on the more complicated images. Having the boards made it super easy to start working on the final art because the basic composition was pretty much done and we could just get right to making the assets.


In the image above you can see that we built it for 1080p resolution and made some extra space on the outside so that Marlon could have a bit more flexibility when moving the images around. That’s how we get those great dolly track type movements in the trailer!

All in all we are super happy with the trailer and it seems we got some people excited about Viking Squad as well!


And finally we wanted to wish Power Up Audio a happy 2 year birthday! They’ve been a huge help to a whole pile of people and really bring their A game to everything they get involved in. Happy birthday guys! Here’s to your success!



So another week trailers by here at Slick! We are getting ready to really hammer out content and don’t forget that we’ll be Dev-Streaming today at 4pm PST! Until next time, keep those storyboards fast and loose!




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