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This week we’ll check out some of the process that goes into crafting our super valuable treasures! Treasures are big carry-able items that players will need to lug around the levels and bring back to their boats for sweet rewards and game changing effects!

When we start working on treasures we brainstorm a bunch of ideas, some are silly, some are serious, some are nods to other inspirations and games we like. It’s a really loose process but we end up getting a bunch of neat stuff that we can pare down later. The rough style is also chunky and rough which is a lot of fun to make art-wise and is good for rapid ideas.


Above you can see a few small ideas for the treasures. We also want the treasures to be big and noticeable during the destinations and appropriately themed when necessary. The Snowclaws, for example brew Fishbier and maybe have a special stock in the back that is super potent and worth your viking’s time! The Draugr’s and their terrible grave side manner could have a solid gold tombstone kicking around or even a giant mage-stone that could hamper their casters when stolen! Doing up treasures super loosely like this really generates a bunch of ideas, some good and some bad but it helps start us out with a good amount of variety.


With our treasures we want players to be able to make their own decisions when it comes to the risk reward. The money sacks above are a good example. The big one is obviously full of more gold and therefore is a more dangerous proposition than the smaller gold sack. If a player is low on health they may opt to do one more easier destination for the smaller gold sack than risk dying to a more difficult area and gaining nothing.


Another treasure that we’d really like to get into Viking Squad is cursed treasures! These objects would permanently change the voyage you are on in a variety of ways. Some players may want a hefty challenge so would snag the cursed statue early, making enemies more powerful and even bringing new enemies and bosses into the mix! These treasures would be worth a lot but might make that voyage extra tricky or your gold gain hampered in some way. We are hoping that players will choose their destinations and potential treasures with this in mind, a cursed totem could benefit your end game but what if it stops you from getting there in the first place?


Lets also not forget that we’ll be Dev-Streaming again today at 4pm! If you like quick art and talks with devs then come on down! We’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and are really liking it! today we may be tackling equipment, treasures, or enemy characters!


So that’s it for this week! hope you guys enjoyed our quick little look into our treasures and be sure to check out the dev-stream and our blog next week! Until next time, keep those haunted treasures in check!

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