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Two weeks ago we released a trailer that introduced you to the characters and world of Viking Squad. One recurring theme in the trailer is the importance of gathering treasure to present to your Jarl. Since we know vikings were proud warriors who cherished a trophy over wealth, in Viking Squad each one of these items has an inherent value but also a direct affect on the outcome of your voyage. Jesse covered the function of some of these treasures in last weeks dev-blog. But what does this ultimately mean for your game?


Well, we want these items to forge your decisions every time you go out on a voyage. A generic adventure becomes one where you stole a bag of gold from the snowclaw and then went for a Doomed Ghost Gem only to have it break just before getting it to the boat. This event disheartens the Jarl and prevents you from having enough money to buy a new belt to carry more potions. For those of you with something to prove you may direct your voyage towards The Draugr Effigy, a treasure that increases enemy difficulty, leveling you up faster in the process. However in doing this your adventure meets an untimely demise, forcing you to regroup and try again.

We want the treasures you collect along each journey to tell the story of your travels, making each voyage unique. These treasures create a list of your triumphs and losses along the way which in turn make you stronger for your next adventure.


Don’t miss Jesse’s art stream this afternoon at 4pm! If you like quick art and talks with devs then come on down and hang out with the team.


That’s it for this week! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to drop by and say hi on the dev stream.


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