Week 11 followers of the fearsome! Welcome back to that trampling terrapin post!

          This week we’ll be giving all you great folks a preview of our art tumblr! Remember when game manuals had all those neat pictures of the enemies in the game? Well we’re bringing it back with some Tumblr technology in something we’re calling “Shellrazer Scoundrels”. We’ll be releasing an enemy a week drawn up in a fun Polaroid style for you guys to check out and prepare yourself when they come up to your turtle. We have a bunch of baddies implemented in the game and we had so much fun blowing them up we wanted to give them the representation they deserve! So without any further ado here’s our goblin peasant archer, not to great of a shot and of an even weaker constitution, these will be the first few foes you’ll fire upon.


          Last week we hit up those super people at Full Indie and showed off our stuff to a capacity crowd. It was super great getting people to play the game right in front of us and see their reactions to the mechanics and fire the guns at those gobbos. Shellrazer was also shown around at the local Art show Anomally: 2012 last Saturday to a bunch of the art crowd and close friends! It looks like our triumphant turtle is trickling out too the masses, but we must stay humble. So to remind us just how tricky some things are here’s our defeat screen! The player will be greeted by this tragic turn of events if that horde gets through and beats up your beast! Hopefully you guys won’t be seeing this screen too often, but don’t worry if you do because you’ll still get some scratch to support your war efforts.


          So another week has trampled by and we are getting closer and closer to our goal of launching this beast! We are getting some video’s up really soon and sound is coming into our game. Crafted by industry veteran Jenn Lewis, these awesome audio bites will be sure to bolster our battles and leave everyone’s ears salivating!

Thanks again for stopping by our blog and a HUGE thanks for everyone out there that checked out our game! So until next time, keep those turtle cannons blazing!






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