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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 13: Explosive Enemies!


It’s the 13th Dev Blog of Shellrazer!

     Hey there followers of the fearsome! Another week has trampled by here with Team Shellrazer! This week we’ll show a few of the more recently added enemy types that really mix up our game.  What was interesting about these enemies is that they have the most basic behaviour and have been added pretty late in the development. Most of our ground forces are pretty crafty and run away from your turtle before they get crushed but these guys just barrel into your beast with blades and bombs.

    We decided to use Bombed-up Buzzards for the aerial assaults and Wheelbarrow Warriors for the ground, designing the look of these guys was a lot of fun as usual. Initially the larger vulture had a giant bomb but we wanted him to visually show more of an up close and personal look so he got 2 cool swords instead. It’s going to take some tuning but these guys will be another healthy addition to our gameplay cake!

    Wow is that a shot of Nick’s editor? How cool is that! Next up is another quick shot of some of those baddies in action! Look at that super smart wizard blasting away at the ground! Better fix your aiming or else your beast will be eating those bombs for breakfast!

    The middle platform there is our Mortar Bank that launches three super strong shells in an arc depending on how long you hold it down. From the look of those health bars our turtle has already taken some damage, next time we should definitely bring a repair bay or slot in some healing items!


    Also lets give a shout out to those super talented and hard working folks down at Blizzard for the launch of Diablo 3! Way to go! We debated even posting up a Dev-Blog today because everyone would be too busy playing that game to even see it. So if you can stop killing your mouse buttons for one second, here’s an authentic Shellrazer bro-pound from us to you!

    So another week stomps by here at Slick, we are nearing the end of our development and are getting super excited to be wrapping up Shellrazer! Thanks a million for stopping by and checking out our Dev-Blog, we love hearing from you and we’ll see you next week! Until then, keep those turtle-cannons blazing!




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