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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 16: Guest Speaker Jennifer Lewis!


      Welcome followers of the fearsome!

    This week we have a special guest! It’s our Audio Director Jennifer Lewis! Jenn has been blasting out epic audio for 30 years (18 of them in games) and has tackled titles from Company of Heroes to Need for Speed! A true champion of the medium, Jenn’s love for sound revolves around story telling and and how it motivates people. Thanks so much for taking some time to talk with us Jenn!



        Hi everyone! It’s great to come out from behind the sonic Shellstorm to be the guest blogger this week!  Week Sixteeeeeeeeeen!   

    In case you didn’t know, we’re sprinting  now.  Speakers are pumping, neighbours are thumping. So later in the day, headphones get a-rattling. The end flag is in sight and audio bits are flying around in all directions! They’re shooting at Petrodactyls… they’re shooting down Petrodactyls! They pump up balloons and some sound like buffoons.  Some break open chests. Some magnify loot. Some make you feel great, while some give you a boot. There are even a few, which beltch, bleet and shoot.  Buzt… zap … kerpow!

    Then there are the music bits. We scored musical treasure with a first time collaboration between Stefan Seslija  and Gordon McGladdery (click on their names to go to their online portfolios). They’re 2 students, currently enrolled in the sound program at Vancouver Film School.  Gordon and Stefan have mashed up their unique styles to contribute a modern and nostalgic vibe.  I wish I could post it all here for you to hear but that’d be all spoilerly.  So, for now, here’s a teaser: a carrot for you to seek out in game.

     It’s a stellar time here, making this game.  So with that I don headphones, and head off to sling sonic bits so that our turtle is well accompanied on his journey.  As will you be!


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Comment by: Wallja

June 11th, 2012 at 8:18 pm

Just looked at deviant art and saw all your drawings. This game you are in the process of creating looks extremely awesome. I hope this game turns into a great success for you! Keep up the amazing work :)

Comment by: Jesse

June 13th, 2012 at 12:03 pm

Hey thanks a bunch Wallja! Really appreciate it!

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