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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 19: Art-rocities!



    Welcome back followers of the Fearsome!

    Another week has trampled by us here at Slick! This week we’ll get a little artistic and we’ll be showing you how the art is hacked together for Shellrazer. We’ll also throw in a cool time-lapse video of me drawing up a Shellrazer Scoundrel! What fun!

    The first thing we wanted  to make sure of in Shellrazer is that it needed to look consistent from screen to screen. This turned out to be a lot easier than we initially thought. All we ended up doing is creating all the art at double iPad resolution and then shrinking it all down 50% before getting them into the game. As long as we remembered to keep track of what brushes and colours we were using it would be a snap. With a few settings and actions this all became second nature and the art began coming together super quickly for our game.

    We never really ended up “fixing” any artwork that we didn’t like, we just re-drew it all. This process of constantly creating new assets was very refreshing and helped us make huge artistic strides in the game. Below is a quick image of how everything is drawn, coloured, and shaded in Shellrazer’s world. By keeping up these habits it makes everything in the game work together.


    Here’s a quick video we put together showing some timelapse footage of me drawing some artwork for Shellrazer. This art isn’t used in the final game, but it’s a fun way too keep up to speed on the universe of the game. With the Scoundrel series I’ve been trying to get back to the old instruction manual artwork that helped out some of the low-fidelity enemies. The baddies in Shellrazer are also pretty simple and small, but I’m crazy about them and wanted to represent them a little more properly.

And just so your ears don’t feel left out, there’s some music by the super skilled Riley Koenig!


    Another week has past!

    We are nearing the end of our development journey. It’s an exciting place to be for sure and we look forward to shipping this soon! Thanks so much for stopping by and remember to keep those turtle cannons blazing!




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Comment by: Bram

June 27th, 2012 at 11:28 am

Cool video! But did you not switch step 3 and 4 in the video?
It looked like you did shadows first and then colour?

Also, it looks like you work with pixels not vectors?
You scale down original to iPhone, iPhone retina, iPad, iPad retina resolutions?

Comment by: Jesse

June 27th, 2012 at 11:40 am

ey Bram! Good eye!

I actually was sampling the colours off screen from the actual game asset so I didn’t need to experiment at all with the palette.

Sometimes I jump right to shadows because it makes the most visual impact on my flat drawings.

And yes I work in pixels, not vectors. I know vectors would be much more practical but I work in pixels because of familiarity and speed.

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