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Today is a great day because Shellrazer is out and avaiblable for everyone around the world! We’re even having a temporary launch sale, so now you can get it for almost nothing! What a deal!


It’s been a super great time making the game and it’s all paid off in a project everyone is super proud of. To celebrate the release here is some awesome Shellrazer fan art!


Bam! It’s Jeff Agala from Klei Entertainment! Look at this thing! I’ve personally been a fan of Jeff Agala’s stuff for like ever so it’s super cool to see action like this. Thanks a million Klei!


Here’s Shu Chai’s fabulous stomper! Shu is truly a master and one of the friendliest and skilled guys in the business. It’s an honour getting some Shellrazer stuff from you Shu thanks a million!



Our next amazing art bomb is from none other than the award winning  Steve Rolston! I had the pleasure of meeting Steve at a Fullindie meet up and he’s an awesome comic artist to boot! Thanks a ton Steve!



Team Shellrazer wants to thank everyone who helped us out in the making of the game. It has been an awesome journey and we love you all!



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