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Shellrazer Dev-Blog 26: Sweet Sounds and a Wicked Walrus!


          Welcome back followers of the fearsome! 

Another great week has trampled by and we are super happy to hear that people have loved raising shell!

This week we are happy to announce that the super sexy swinging sounds of Shellrazer are now available to buy! It contains all of those great tunes that are in the game along with a wicked grungy bonus track! So if you were a fan of those great recordings in the game, or just want to support the artists let them know by getting your copy today!

We also have a bonus Music post from Jenn Lewis, Shellrazer’s sound designer who made all things audio possible in our game. Take it away Jenn!

 Jennifer Lewis:

          The music for Shellrazer came together in a unique way. I was teaching sound class at the local film school and mentioned that I was on the hunt for music for a new indie game. At the end of class, both Stefan Seslija and Gordon McGladdery had jumped up, expressed their keenness in turtles and music for turtles, and linked me to their demos. Stefan’s writing sounded live, with a strong big band jazz/soulful/prog-rock influence. Gordon’s guitar based work is quirky and full of character. Sometimes almost cartoony.

          I wanted the music to match the turtle’s determination while tossing us all into a retro frame of mind. Guitars were important to the turtle’s matter of fact charm and drive forward but the retro elements would sit in a mixed acoustic & electronic realm. It seemed totally logical to ask the two of them if they would be interested in a collaboration, to which they answered yes. They’d been talking about working together, for a while. Voila, a music team!

          It didn’t take long for ideas to start rolling in and the guys were champs at responding to feedback and iterating on their work. As the music went into the game, it made a ton of sense and indeed, drove things forward.

          I wanted to release the soundtrack in order to put their talents in the spot light directly. I hope people dig their writing as much as I have.
Thanks guys. You’re awesome!


          That was super Jenn, thanks a ton. We also wanted to give you guys a sneak peek on one of the new enemies coming out for our turtle to toil with! In the near future we will be doing a super cool update with some new weapons and levels for you to trounce! So without further ado check out this wicked enemy mount!

Whoah! How cool is that guy!? 

Thanks for stopping by everyone, we are still having a blast on Shellrazer and are working super hard to make the experience even better! Until next time, keep those turtle cannons blazing!


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Comment by: SEFarris

August 15th, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Love all the new turtle art that comes with each post and announcement. Is it too soon to hope for turtle logo gear?

Comment by: Magnum

October 24th, 2012 at 4:01 am

Will that War Walrus guy be in the Icebreaker update ?

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