Oh boy it’s week eight and super great! 

      Welcome back followers of the fearsome! This week we get a preview of another super nifty weapon platform, the War Horn! When you want to increase the effectiveness of your current load out try picking up the wailing War Horn to boost those damage dealers! Be sure to save him for those trickier times because he comes with one heck of a cool down after blowing that monstrous horn!



      Page eight of our art document has one of my favourite things ever, Boss ideas! We had to think about some ways that our constantly scrolling turtle could encounter some neat stuff. So here’s a neat-o war wagon idea! Heavily inspired by those great mobile boss levels in the classic Mario 3, these juggernauts would need to be taken down in sections over the course of the level until you freed the beast of burden at the end! Zeppelins are also beefy targets that can enter our player’s space in new and interesting ways and unload a huge serving of fire power! Time is always a factor and even if these guys don’t make it into the final game they’ve inspired us to tackle new experiences in the world of Shellrazer!


      Another consistent week has trotted by everyone! a big thanks to everyone dropping by and checking out our progress and good times! Be sure to check in next week as well for some screenshots (fingers crossed) and other in game goodness! We are clamping down on getting as much as we physically get into Shellrazer and have also been amassing a huge amount of tools for us to tackle other game ideas in the future. All in all it’s a super great time and it’s even better that we get to share it all with you guys!

      Till next time followers of the fearsome! keep those turtle cannons blazing!


-Jesse The Drawbarian 

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