Week 9 and feeling fine! Welcome back followers of the fearsome for another installment of Shellrazer’s Dev-Blog!

As you may or may not have noticed, we got a beefy change to our home page!  Now the whole internets will see our shelled stomper! Taking a quick look at the splash page we can see that there are some pretty mean looking armaments on the turtle, including some machine guns! The fortified goblins are having one hell of a time defending themselves against this onslaught, the Beast is making it look like a snap! But fear not players, many challenges will await you when you arm your own beast and set out to crush your own foes!  

Now let’s take a gander at our title screen below! There’s our grumpy hero looking all tough atop our moniker! For now this is the screen that greets players at the beginning of our game. We initially just had his shell on there but look at that face! How could you ignore such a heroic expression? The turtle has gone through a few different transformations over the course of development but we believe we’ve found the right direction with these latest iterations.


So that wraps up another week! Coming up will be a lot more stuff that’s directly from the game! We are wrapping up a lot of the functionality and almost have every weapon tuned to perfection. A massive amount of work has come from the store and equip screen, showing you guys those shots would be super boring so we opted for more of an arty post this time! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our stuff! Until next time, keep those turtle cannons blazing!





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